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The Church once was the great patron to the arts. Somewhere out of the Reformation and consequent reforms an anti-art piety arose in the churches in the United States. Perhaps it was an overreaction to the corruption in the Roman Catholic Church of the Rennaissance and perhaps furthered through the immigration of puritanical Protestants to the shores of the United States and Canada. We experience guilt over purchasing beautiful art for our homes and churches. We put our "art" on utilitarian objects like a nature scene painted on a circular saw blade; or on a plate that hangs on our wall. Art is OK when it could be used for something "practical."

So how does the Church in the U.S. get beyond our predjudices, guilt and fear and once again be the "hot-bed" for the arts?

Pastors prepare sermons on a weekly basis that reflect themes for worship on that particular Sunday. Why don't painters, songwriters, sculptors, poets, graphic designers, etc. do the same? Think of the explosion of creativity that would occur in the wake of such a discipline...

I'm a firm believer that creativity breeds more creativity. I also believe that creativity is at the heart of our God, Creator of such a diverse and interesting universe. I think it is reasonable to say that we are closer to being the people God created us to be when we nurture our creativity. Could it be possible that, all things being equal, creative Christians are deeper Christians?

The first Renaissance was driven by the rediscovery of ancient Greece and Rome. It bred humanism and individualism and ultimately a more secular society. Wouldn't it be incredible to have a vibrant faith community usher in a new Renaissance—full of grace and Truth?

Oh, and yes, a Godly reflection of His creativity!

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